Newborns are delicate, they are unable to regulate their body temperature, so being able to control the environment I'm working in is crucial. My studio is kept very warm to ensure their body temp is maintained. I provide a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for your baby to always feel safe and secure during their session. That will help minimize their startle reflex and allow us to capture beautifully posed imagery. 

Snacks and refreshments are available to parents as you sit, relax, and take in the experience. You will likely leave feeling incredibly relaxed yourself! I have a full wall of handmade bonnets, wraps, and flower crowns, along with shelves full of beautiful handcrafted wood beds, rustic buckets, ornate bamboo baskets from all over the world. The best part is you don't have to bring a thing! (Well only your baby) 

What it is like to work with Buds & blossoms

Being a mom is not enough to qualify someone to be a newborn photographer, although it certainly gave me a head start. Working with newborns requires specific safety education and a lot of patience. I have been fully safety trained to work with newborns from knowing how to monitor for temperature changes to knowing how to read baby cues, soothing techniques, proper posing with attention to airways and circulation, to knowing how to do composites to achieve certain images without risking safety. I will never force baby into a pose they dont like and will let baby take the lead for the session. Some poses I do may make someone question all of this (such as the froggy pose) however images like this are created with the assistance of photoshop. They are at least two images put together so baby is being held at all times. This is why choosing a photographer that is specialized in newborn portraiture is extremely important for a successful session....and a safe and happy baby!

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